The Absorbud® Impact Absorption Device, utilizing NEWTONOID™ Technology,

Has been independently tested and proven to absorb impact forces on safety glass.

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Patented Technology Helps Reduce Windshield Damage

It's Not Magic - It's Physics!

The science behind the Absorbud® Impact Absorption System has been independently tested by Engineering Design & Testing Corporation and proven to absorb impact forces on safety glass.


Has this happened to you? You’re driving down the road and suddenly you hear the sound of a rock striking your windshield. You hope the impact didn’t cause a chip or crack in the windshield. Maybe you were lucky this time. Maybe not.

Every day thousands of windshields are struck by road debris, rocks, and hail. Damage requiring total windshield replacement or repair costing hundreds to several thousands of dollars. Time and out-of-pocket expenses lost to repair the damaged windshield.

Absorbud® Windshield Protection System utilizing NEWTONOID™Technology helps prevent the damage before it happens. Ideal for Heavy Trucks, Equipment, Autos, and RVs.

Since we started using the Absorbud Windshield Protection System in our trucks, we have seen a dramatic drop in windshield breakage. They are so small you hardly notice them. Thanks for a great product!

Joe G. - ProService Trucking, Carrollton, MO

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Windshield Protection System Utilizing NEWTONOID™ Technology

Now there is a solution that helps prevent costly windshield damage – the Absorbud® Windshield Protection System.

Based on Newton’s Third Law of Motion, Absorbud® Impact Absorption Device helps disperse the forces introduced when an object hits the windshield. Normally, when debris, rocks, or hail strike the windshield, energy is transferred from the projectile to the glass, thus causing damage. With the Absorbud® Windshield Protection System this energy is transferred through the glass into the Absorbud® Impact Absorption Device reducing the chance of damage, just like Newton’s Cradle.

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