Why Absorbud®?

Impact Absorption

The Absorbud® Windshield Protection System, utilizing NEWTONOID™ Technology,  helps disperse the impact energy of rocks, hail, or other road debris through our unique, patented technology.

The science behind the Absorbud® Windshield Protection System has been independently tested and proven to significantly absorb impact forces on safety glass.

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Save Money

The Absorbud® Windshield Protection System saves you time and money!

Repairing or replacing a windshield can be expensive, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. And, if you file that repair with your automobile insurance, your rates may increase. Absorbud® Windshield Protection System pays for itself if it prevents just one instance of windshield damage.

Easy To Use

Absorbud® Windshield Protection System is quick and easy to install. Just place the devices on your windshield* and forget about them.

Installation takes just minutes. Simply place the self-adhering Absorbud® Impact Absorption Devices around the preferred interior perimeter of your windshield.*

*Do not affix Absorbud® Impact Absorption Devices where they may obstruct your view.

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It's Not Magic - It's Physics!

The science behind the Absorbud® Impact Absorption System has been independently tested by Engineering Design & Testing Corporation and proven to absorb impact forces on safety glass.


Windshields are the number one insurance claim in the United States. Thirty percent of auto insurance claims are windshields. Edge cracks account for approximately 70-80% of these windshield replacement claims….This is the weakest part of the windshield and fractures more easily than the rest of the windshield.

~as published in the Insurance Journal, May 1, 2003